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What is the difference between a regular movie and an imax movie?


  1. Lissa S. says:

    Imax has a bigger screen. It won’t be in 3D (because Eclipse isn’t 3D) but it will be shown on a screen that’s around double the size of a regular theater screen. If there’s one close to you and you have the money to go see it there (generally tickets are a bit more expensive) then I suggest going to see Eclipse at an imax theater. The seating’s different too- the isles are more slanted downward, so generally you won’t have someone’s head right in your view. I saw Ironman in imax and regular theaters, and the imax was SO much cooler to see it in. Have fun!

  2. Joanneee :) says:

    woahh seriesly? imax is 3D? regular is just normal odinary and ma 3D

    well mostly 3D :D D

  3. annonymous says:

    imax is better. imax is just a WAY bigger screen. With way better surround sound and very often in 3D. It’s more like you’re experiencing it and are surrounded like it. It may be a tad intimidating at first but you’ll like it no doubt- have fun!!!

  4. Skylar says:

    imax it has better definition. in other words, it looks better than the regular one

  5. ImALebowski says:

    When you see a film in theaters it’s on a normal sized screen, the quality is okay, the sound is sort of loud, and every once in a while you see those black spots on the screen that reminds you you’re literally watching the movie on film.

    In an IMAX theater it’s bigger, better, and louder. It’s really fun to see a huge blockbuster in IMAX. I saw The Dark Knight in IMAX. Simply amazing.

  6. Eddy says:

    regular movie = sit and watch

    Imax movie = full surround sound!!! high Definition..and it feels like your in it!!

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