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What kind of dog is the dog in the movie The Switch?


  1. Norb says:

    Thats a Schnauzer (: they are very cute <3

  2. ElijahNYC says:

    Airedale Terrier it was a hybrid of Welsh Terrier and Hound and all kennel club accept it as one pure breed of terrier type nowdays

  3. L says:

    you sure its an airdale? sure looks like a welsh terrier to me, the size is more of a welsh than an airdale. Airdale tends to be much higher, ,more like the size of a labrador/golden retriver, while the Welsh is more of knee high.. anyway.. trying to find the answer myself…

    1. Skip says:

      She was a pedigree Airedale named “Pheobe”… and the “proper” size for an Airedale… an AKC Champion… a beautiful “puppy-kid” <3

  4. Daisymae says:

    I am sure it was a Welsh Terrier- my sister breeds them.

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