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How do you know when a Capricorn man cares for you?


  1. Aunnika says:

    I agree with the "just ask" and "through their actions" comment. Because I have found one very special thing about Caps (in any type of relationship)

    Words from a True Cap or a person with strong Cap in their chart = Form and Substance… opposed to some signs where words are "air" and have no substance. When they say something, they make it true or they mean it.

    Actions – they will help with keeping things in order or structured during times of chaos.

    I find many Caps are truly "Old Souls" and they are born backwards – lol – I find them to be "wise" as children that may take things too seriously and have an innate ability to take on adult responsibilities…as Caps grow older they become more in touch with their inner child and bring it out. When everyone around them is getting old, stuck in their ways and stodgy – they are out running around having fun being a kid, reliving the childhood they did not have… ..can say the "darnedest" things too and tell you like it is! (just like children do)

  2. skellybones2001 says: ask us.

    2. you look at our actions and don’t look for our words.

  3. Viola H says:

    your heart will tell you.

  4. Silent Glave says:

    I am a huge sucker for capricorn and all of its forms , venus in capricorn, mars in capricorn , mercury in capricorn , and the big capricorn stellium , these saturnine people are intoxicating….

    I am not sure about hormones wearing down , I think they are even able to control their hormones . But one thing I have come to realise after a time of crusing, spinning and falling head over heels ( with 10-fold as much hard work as usual, lol ) , capricorns are emotionally uh……under-developed. And they can not show emotions or show that they care in a way that we would want and expect. But they do care, subtly. They would do things for you and not saying or telling you. Because expressing feelings do not come naturally to them. When they are into you, they are into you no matter what other people might say about you otherwise, that dont sway them. They are excessively dry, but sometimes, without any prior warning , their suppressed emotions take over and they come to you pouring their heart out and being grateful that they have you. But what is frustrating is, they seem to be back to a normal old goat after that, stern and cold. But still, they stick with you, faithful and protective.

    I guess that is also because saturn’s opposite site is the moon , they have the moon power hidden unconciously inside.

    This little observation of mine has been true for my uh…..saturn-ruled "prince-charming " and also my friends who are stuffed with capricorn and saturn aspects.

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