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What is a really sad movie to watch on netflix?


  1. Avid Film Freak says:

    I dunno if these are all on netflix stream, but these are the ones that made ME cry:

    The Mighty
    Saints and Soldiers
    Saving Private Ryan
    Schindler’s List
    The Truman Show
    The Pianist

  2. Kelly Jade says:

    Marley & Me ……………. saddest movie EVER. I cry every time i see it. I’ve seen it 17 times.


    The Boy in the Striped Pajamas,
    My Sister’s Keeper,
    No Reservations,
    The Time Travelers Wife

  3. julia says:

    The Notebook
    Dear John
    The Last Song
    A Walk To Remember
    Bucket List

    Have a good cry :)

  4. Plies2134 says:


  5. maisalin says:

    romantic/sad: the last song! I LOVED THAT MOVIE!

  6. Tropicala says:

    bridge to terabithia. i get sad just watching its preview.

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