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  1. Nevena G says:

    That was long ago,i think that doesn,t work anymore,i,m not sure,but maybe it,s the phone number used when someone calls John and he says call my son Dean,that,s:
    i think :)
    and email was jwinchester1246

  2. qtee858 says:

    Sorry to break it to you, but chances are none of that is real. Sometimes a crazy fan will go and spread those kinds of rumors to get people’s hopes up. It sucks, I know. Even if I did have Dean’s real number, I’d never share it because I’d want him for myself…

    1. Heiko says:

      Your´re wrong, qtee858…

      The number worked while the first season. This was one of Kripke´s artefacts he left for fans in the TV show. I tried it that time and it worked! One of the amazing things making SN so interesting for real fans. But the number is offline since then. Don´d know if the Email jwinchester1246 (gmail) still works.

      Look here:

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