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Which zodiac sign is the least intelligent and most popular?


  1. Heidi T says:

    Lest intelligent – Taurus, Capricorn
    Most popular – Sagittarius, Leo, Scorpio, Cancer, Aquarius

  2. donafine says:

    i think aries and taurus are the dum but popular

  3. geri says:

    The dumbest people I have ever met have been a capricorn, a taurus and an aries (i want to elaborate on aries – they tend to be too head strong and think they already know everything and their opinions are always right and we all know they are bad listeners. Leos and sagittarius are most popular.

  4. ChainLightninG⅜ says:

    Don’t need to use "signs" for this. The least are the ones that think fate of birth is really can be used to discriminate. That is what racists and sexists use. What makes astrology’s bias acceptable? Bigotry in all it’s forms is delusional, hateful, and closed minded.

    No one has control over when they are born.

    Edit: Looks like every other answerer is proving my point. Keep it up.

  5. ; says:

    Leo’s are stupid, fat rocks. Like hampsters on a wheel.

  6. Pamela says:

    Least intelligent- Libra, Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus and sometimes Pisces.
    Most Popular – I’ve known popular people of every sign so I can’t really say.

  7. αmч says:

    Leos are led by the HEART definitely but are far from dumb rocks! The only people I ever hear that from are nazi Leo haters that are holding a grudge for whatever reason. I am a Leo, Im studying law and government, I have 2 other Leo friends, one is doing business finance, the other is mathematics. Leos are fucking ambitious and you can’t be ambitious and be a dumb arse can you? The only down fall we have is that we are led by the heart. ARGH Leo haters piss me off. The biggest numpty I know is a capricorn. She is slow, stupid, doesn’t care much about education and has no ambition.

  8. ***** says:

    Call me a nazi Leo hater then, because Leo’s are stupid.

    And usually fat.

    At least the ones on here are.

  9. ><::: says:

    Most popular: Capricorn and Libra
    Least intelligent: Leo and Leo

    Law school obviously didn’t help her argument did it?

  10. Enemy Ace says:

    Then you must be a Taurus to ask this question. With a lot of Aries in your chart.

  11. Big Mama Tazler says:

    I am a Leo and I’m very smart.
    And do I look fat to you?

  12. Linda says:

    Most popular: Libra (they are usually charming, diplomatic, and they usually have a lot of friends), Aquarians (charismatic and friendly), Leos (if they are not popular already they usually try hard to make themselves stand out).
    Least intelligent: Aries.

  13. Najeeha says:

    Least intelligent signs are Capricorns and Leo’s and maybe Virgos too. They are hard working but not intelligent. Air signs are mostly known for their intellect. Aquarius and Gemini are really intelligent and can work smart instead of hard ;)

    Most popular signs in ascending order:
    Geminis:due to their communicative nature and they have an urge to be the first at everything.
    Aquarius: they are friends with 99% of the people around them..really friendly, lively and they have an experimenting nature. so mostly they know something about everything.
    Libra: they are social animals. They can’t live without company. They are amongst those people who give without expecting to take.
    Leo: They are usually popular because they want to be in the spotlight all the time. Their popularity isn’t natural, it is hard to bring by, but they almost always manage somehow.
    Capricorns: These people are doing something constructive all the time. They are involved in so many activities and projects which ultimately results in a high P.R for them.
    Scorpio: The word *power* seems to be made for them. They have it and they use it, which sets them apart from all others. And one key factor of their popularity is their *censored* appeal too ;)

  14. Daisy says:

    oh my gosh how can you say which is the least intelligent lol! ;) taurus’s can be really really clever! and there are loads of people in each sign, some very intelligent, some less so

  15. Collegegirl 813 says:

    I am thinking there are a lot of Leo haters. Most of the leos I have meet are highly intelligent. My mother who is a Leo has a doctorate two masters and I have lost count of her other degrees because she is constantly learning. I am sorry I think this question is flawed because there are people who are unitelligent in all signs. But leos are popular they have large hearts are great people to be around most. There are some who like in all give the sign a bad name so before people go and open your mouths get all the sides because a lot of people who have been hurt by someone in a sign judge all so stop being prejudice. That is where unintelligence comes in.

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