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What is the best thing to do when a Pisces man pulls his disappearing act?


  1. Rage Girl says:

    Leave him alone and let him to come to you. This isn’t just a "what happens when a Pisces does this?" thing, this is kind of an all male thing. Something happened that he wasn’t ready to talk to you about, or he could have just said enough of you and took the cowards way out.

    When he does finally come around, you have to judge by his actions what to do next. If he comes at you like nothing went wrong, confront him. If he’s clearly shaken and upset, be gentle, but make it clear that you won’t tolerate that kind of behavior again. If he’s acting shy and is still avoiding you, then confront him here, also. I let my Pisces and past relationships get away with this too many times to realize what the hell was going on. Sure, some felt that the relationship was too new for me to handle something heavy like a death in family or something of that nature, but other times, it was just because they got "scared" or "needed space" and decided to cop out instead and not be an adult and tell me face to face what was up. And when it came to needing space, I was all for it and didn’t bother them when they needed it. This is the WORST thing you can do to a guy is bug him and poke him and prod him about what’s going on in thier lives. Some guys want to fix it before they enlist outside help, if any at all.

    It could be any number of things, but as far as I’m concerned where the rules stand out on this on is: if you’re involved emotionally, then you have a right to know, or at least the right to be given something resembling an explanation. Good luck to you :)

  2. Kiri_Miri says:

    Seems like all *censored* do that, my virgo man ( or probably ex in his mind) has been doin tht. but maybe his Pisces rising has something to do with that.

    I am a pisc female and i tend to keep off contact unless I truly love someone or at least know that they wont be irritated if I do, an open door policy is very good with a pisces.

    usually with a text or so , a pisces will always love it if someone is thinking about them but not obviously smothering them with loads of texts and calls. A sudden call out for a drink or coffee is good. Most Pisces are okay wth clinginess, I know I am- even if I look irritated.

    But it looks like he has some things in his mind, give him time to sort it out. A pisces is a person who doesnt forget their love easily – so you dont have to worry about that. If he avoids you too long tho, something is up…that goes for all *censored*

  3. Dev "D" says:

    This is the best way he can react to the most shattering situations. May be he is trying to self analyze himself before he fully commits to you. One thing be sure of is that if he loves you he will surely be back, need not worry about it as he is an emotional Pisces after all.

    One more thing Pisces male are very spy type character, so if you have done or said something behind him and he have found it out, then he is gone for ever. Pisces generally avoids confrontation and usually sneaks out without even asking explanation, so better clear it now before he hides away for ever.

    Get a ticket to his favorite music show or program and ask him come along. He will not miss it,and when he comes, you can peel him off slowly on the situation during the program. Ask then and he will not lie. Remember to shed some tears, he will break down everything to you then.


    P.S: Remember dear, Pisces are the most unsolved character among the 12 signs. The tricks vary from soul to soul.

  4. Marina says:

    You absolutely stop trying. Pisces *censored* love the chase…they live for it and will even create it within a relationship if they’re getting bored. If he loves you, he will get really upset if you’re not there doting on him and will become interested. If he doesn’t care, he won’t come back. Either way, you’ll know. After six months of seeing him though, his mind should be made up about you. I wouldn’t wait by the phone. When a Pisces man wants you, he can’t be away from you for long.

  5. Jamie says:

    owwww, hmm i dont know. Dont assume hes not interested though because it could be the opposite. Id say its safe to text him and simply say " ok seriously, whats going on because im not doing this anymore so we need to talk" idk something like that, and I would just llike to state to that person who said pisces *censored* love ‘the chase’ well im not a pisces man. im a pisces WOMAN lol but I despise ‘the chase’ and that actuallly makes me dissapear if I find out someone isnt being up front with me and is playing games. I dont play games, ever.

  6. runaway says:

    Let him be… don’t pursue him, if he wants to come back, he will. (that goes for all *censored*, not just Pisces)

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