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Can i be famous without having to join the illuminati?


  1. Lightning From the East says:

    Of Course! Just be talented! Apply for a spot on American Idol , I suppose

  2. Darrin Jackson says:

    You can’t. Don’t try.

  3. Adriana says:

    You cant Join,The illuminati.. They invite you..
    Just give it ur all..

  4. Young Philosopher says:

    Lupe Fiasco is a perfect example at this moment.
    > (See his tweet from October 21, 2010.)

    DMX questions working with Rick Ross after getting out of jail because "he got the whole Illuminati thing going on."

    Prodigy from Mobb Deep is against it as well.

    Some see the truth and some are concerned.
    > (Mos Def)
    > (Melyssa Ford)
    > (Thrill Da Player)

  5. Alev says:

    You ask the freemasons to join…. but if you break their secrets once you have join them. Your punishments are extremely frightening. True story.

    Extra watch the cremation of care video you will understand that satanism do exist even US president do them

  6. Verda says:

    First of all, to clear your misconception: Illuminati doesn’t exist.

    Illuminati was a brotherhood that worked in favor of science and discoveries. They hid for a reason – they were in danger of raising voice against the church. And now, I hate to tell you this, but the Illuminati doesn’t exist anymore. It’s some lame conspiracy that is going around; some bad groups just pick up any name they find in history and go on with that ruining their reputation.

    Now, for your question… as far as my knowledge goes, you need to try to reach the public at large. Try with the roles your are intersted in. Celeb as in acting? Try to reach some local agents. If you can, try hollywood. I know this sounds difficult, but if you think you have talent, THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM.

    - try experimenting with your talent: Why not upload covers (if you are a singer) on Youtube in a VERY professional way and see the feedback? I bet there are potential recruiters hunting the youtubers. Besides, there is nothing such as luck. Keep working hard. It won’t happen overnight.

    - Are you already on television? If not… people don’t become celebs overnight (apart from a few exceptions) and who knows? you just might!
    If you are not on television, why not try small roles? :D

    Good Luck!

  7. nnAE says:

    Convert to jèwi$h

  8. Jordon says:

    Yes. Because the Illuminati don’t exist. If they were that deep in the industry, they would have made an offer to someone who didn’t want to join, and then there would be undeniable proof that the Illuminati exist, and there isn’t. Whether or not you become famous doesn’t depend on some mythical society

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