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Why are people born under the Capricorn sign such big liars and manipulators?


  1. Fortress and Refuge says:

    Maybe they just don’t like you.

    That’s not how real astrology works, but you’re going blame who you want.

  2. Destiny Delarosa; says:

    Liars not so much, manipulators I can agree with.
    But i DO LOVE THEM.
    the guys are boring though

  3. ☆Adrian☆ says:

    My brother is NOT a liar. Keep your comments to yourself.

  4. aav says:

    All I can say is that Capricorn knows no boundaries or limits or right vs wrong when it wants something.

  5. Always with me, Always with you says:

    any sign can be like this .. im a capricorn and im none of what you described lol . am very honest and i hate manipulation !

  6. lil_kisses22 says:

    I wouldn’t say liars either. but I’d very much agree with us being manipulators. We do it because we can. We have the wit and the charm to sway the opionion and actions of others. =] I don’t hink it makes us horible people. It just makes us incredibly awesome lol. Some people just can’t comprehend it =P

    We have this gift because the Leos got the confidence and the Geminis get the crazy *censored*. lo

  7. SilverPhoenix says:

    I hate to say it, but there is some truth to what you’re saying… i’ve noticed it from certain ones, as well, within my own family…

    But the biggest manipulators i know, by far, have been scorpios..

  8. Jamie says:

    We don’t intentionally manipulate people with our shy self consciousness. But when we intend to lie/manipulate we do it, and we do it well. I guess that’s why we do it, because we’re the snakes of the zodiac… of the two worst signs of the zodiac, the other being Cancer. Capricorn’s and Cancer’s the proverbial diseases of the zodiac according to a lot of people on here, nonetheless, I can understand why they say things like that about these two signs, if I we’re looking at me from someone else’s perspective I wouldn’t want to be friends with me either…..this isn’t manipulation either, just truth.

  9. Allycia is my name . says:

    yeah I agree with Jamie and

    what you are saying.


  10. Googoo4Gaga says:

    They tend to be very honest and loyal, but every positive has it’s negative.

    So the Cappy’s you knew must not have liked you.

  11. what you want says:

    o no. sorry you got the wrong impression of us. it really depends sometimes if someone pisses us off we can be cold towards them but normally we are what we are. r u a gemini?>

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